Short on space but need a vapourizer that’s high on efficiency? Consider choosing Compact
Vapourizer from Anil Engineering today!

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Key Features:

  • Flame proof control panel
  • In built water controller
  • Electrical solenoid valve to control Liquid Inlet
  • In built Liquid Trap
  • Pressure switch to cut off Liquid Inlet due to over Vapour pressure
  • Liquid Level Switch.

Key Benefits:

  • Heat Exchanger made up of SS 304
  • Coil is made up of SS 304 with Nickel plating
  • In built safety valve & water temperature settings.
  • High quality insulation with Aluminum cladding to ensure minimum heat loss.
  • In house heaters with 2 years warranty.
  • Liquid trap to ensure no liquid at the outlet of vaporizer

Best For:

  • Best suitable for customers who use LPG consumption is up to 1000 Kg/hr.
  • Best used for a wide range of Industrial purposes like Automobile, Food & Beverages , Steel Industries & Many more.

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